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With over twenty years of award-winning stand up comedy experience, with a natural quick-wit and improvisational showmanship, John Moyer connects with every audience. To John, it's not just "a show." It's about engaging and interacting with audiences, to tap into what it means for them to experience their particular event from a point of view that makes it fun for everybody. John's stage hypnosis show is a unique, exciting experience. Hypnosis shows are an art-form that date back a couple hundred years, and John reboots that art-form for 2016. Back-dropped by modern music and shaped with pop culture, there's a frame of reference that's fun and relative to audience members of every age. More than this, however, John delivers and additional element that defines his hypnosis show for audiences: Every on-stage participant receives a lasting gift that harnesses the power of their minds for good. John's skills as a performer guarantee entertainment that's uplifting for everyone, in every audience. His training as a Master Hypnotist and a Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist (CCH) guarantees his volunteers access an area of their beliefs about themselves, that empowers them to attain goals and jettison negative habits that hold them back.


As a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and ("moral") bankruptcy lawyer, it was unlikely that Talia's comedy career would start off in bar basements and midnight open mics, but that's where her soul was redeemed. Her set is high-energy, quick paced and autobiographical. The New York Post recently featured a nearly full-page article about her life and comedy and called her a "Hot Ticket". Talia is a regular contributor to the Fox News Channel and works nightly at top New York City comedy clubs. Her affable stage presence and sharp wit have also garnered her appearances on The Wendy Williams Show and Spike TV. Newsday Long Island has also taken notice, calling her a "rising star". Talia has completed residencies at The Borgata Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, NJ and Mohegan Sun in Wilkes-Barre, PA. She continues to be a constant presence at Jewish events and fundraisers.


Yaacov Norowitz, an International ChessMaster, is one of the best chess players in the USA, and indisputably, one of the top 10 speed/blitz chess players in the country. From a young age, Yaacov showed a uniquely advanced talent and aptitude for the game. After training with his local elementary school chess coach, and further intensive training from various chess Grandmasters, Yaacov went on to dominate and become a celebrity in the chess world. Some of his greatest accomplishments in the chess world include:  New Jersey State Champion, placed 12th in US Chess Championship, 5-time World Open Blitz Champion (speed chess), and Blitz Chess legend on the Internet Chess Club (ICC). Yaacov has sparred with past and current World Champions including 5 wins vs former World Champion Gary Kasparov, defeated current World Champion Magnus Carlsen, has defeated 4-time US Champion Hikaru Nakamura many times, and was selected to compete with top chess engine Komodo in a live online format watched by thousands. Throughout his career, Yaacov has had tremendous success helping to improve his students’ chess skills, children and adults alike.

You can find Yaacov, giving private or group chess lessons to his many students (children & adults), putting on simultaneous chess exhibitions (ie: playing 15+ competitors at one time) as entertainment at corporate events and parties, traveling the globe competing in world class chess tournaments, sharpening his blitz game against other chess champions online, or catching a blitz game of chess in Washington Square Park in New York City.




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