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Mordechai Shapiro was born in 1989 in Monsey, New York. His father was a chazzan and his mother had a background as a trained opera singer. Growing up in a Modern Orthodox household, he attended Ashar Adolph Schreiber Hebrew Academy for elementary school, and the Marsha Stern Talmudical Academy for high school. Following his graduation from high school, Shapiro learned in  Netiv Aryeh and then Bais Yisroel. Shapiro made his musical debut in 1997 as the star soloist of the Miami Boys Choir.  As a child, he performed with Jewish entertainers such as Yaakov Shwekey even before he gained significant attention. He left Miami Boys Choir in 2003 when his voice became too deep to fit into a children's choir.

After leaving the choir, Shapiro took a break from music until his voice transitioned sufficiently. He was a student of voice teacher William Riley, who also taught Celine Dion and Josh Groban. Eventually, he began performing at weddings and other Jewish events as an independent artist.

Shapiro's solo career debuted in 2016 when he was signed by producer Yitzy Waldner, with the release of his album Kol Haderech, with songs such as schar mitzvah, peaking at #15 on the Billboard World Music chart. The album was followed by Machar in 2017, peaking at #3. and Hakol Mishamayim in 2019, peaking at #7. Most recently Mordechai released two new tracks and music videos, Ein Od Milvado, and a new Pesach song, Vehi Sheamda. Shapiro currently has over 30 million views on youtube combined and is working on two new albums at the moment.



Voted one of the top 10 comedians in New York City by The Hollywood Reporter and BackStage, MODI is one of the comedy circuit’s most sought after performers. Featured on HBO, CBS, NBC, ABC, Comedy Central, Howard Stern, and E! Entertainment, MODI has received rave reviews in The New York Times, Time Out NY and The New York Post.

Born in Israel, MODI moved to the United States at the age of seven. After attending college at Boston University, MODI worked as an investment banker and had no plans to become a stand-up comedian until one open mic night changed everything.

Amelia David of BackStage raves, “MODI has a young Sid Caesar-esque talent for creating accents and characters, making him appeal to a diverse market.”
According to the Los Angeles Times, MODI is “versatile and quick on his feet. He can read an audience in a beat and improvise so nimbly that he keeps any audience, regardless of age, race and gender, laughing.”

MODI has appeared in several feature films and played leading roles in two: Waiting for Woody Allen, which won the LA Film Festival, and Stand Up, a feature-length film. According to Variety, MODI delivers a “naturally funny performance with a tremendous amount of energy on screen.”

A regular performer at the New York and Los Angeles comedy clubs, MODI also headlines around the country and across the globe. He has toured in the United Kingdom, Holland, and Israel and performs in comedy festivals and special venues, including Montreal’s Just for Laughs Comedy Festival and The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. 



Richard Barker is a world-renowned professional hypnotist, comedy stage hypnotist, media source, television personality, author and keynote speaker. He has spent the last 20 years entertaining audiences all over the world with his dazzling hypnosis show in 38 countries. As the Incredible Hypnotist, Richard brings his charm and experience to blow the minds of audiences, media professionals, celebrities and corporate clients. Offstage, Richard has improved the lives of countless clients that needed hypnosis to get over an obstacle, phobia or behavior. Using his Master’s Degree in Education, he is constantly helping others understand the true power of hypnosis.

Richard’s work can be seen on: The Today Show, The Late Late Show with James Corden, ET Entertainment Tonight, Reader’s Digest, Huffington Post, Glamour Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Marie Claire, US Weekly, Google Talks, Health Magazine, SELF Magazine, Men’s Fitness, InStyle Magazine, YouTube Creator Summit, CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, as well as many major news shows and publications across the globe.

Richard chooses to focus most of his efforts on comedy hypnosis performances because he feels it’s a marvelous introduction into the world of hypnosis. “I give the people a compelling, fascinating and entertaining entry into hypnosis and after that, they become curious as to what the mind can actually do.”



The Chicago Boyz Acrobatic Team, featured on the NBC hit reality competition series “America’s Got Talent (season 8),” is a professional gymnastics troupe consisting of talented young men and boys from the Chicago area.

Chicago Boyz Acrobatic Team performances include amazing acrobatic stunts and tricks inside twirling jump ropes, catapulting off mini trampolines and thundering tumbling routines with impeccable timing.

Founded in 1999 by professional gymnast Tim Shaw, these young inner city youth are taught discipline, respect, hard work, integrity and teamwork. Members must maintain a “C” average in school, are not allowed to drop out of school, associate with gangs, drugs, alcohol or tobacco. Through Tim’s positive impact, many kids have not only become professional polished gymnasts, but turned their lives around in the process.

The Chicago Boyz are the highlight of special events nationwide. They have performed at NBA (regular season & playoff games) and college halftime shows, professional circuses, festivals, theme parks and schools throughout the country.



Estee Ackerman is a nationally ranked table tennis player. Estee is USA #17 for Junior Girls and top 40 for all women in America. In 2016, she became the first Orthodox Jewish athlete and one of only sixteen women to try out for the Olympics for Team USA.
Estee is the Girls Junior Olympic Champion for Singles and Doubles and has won many medals at the US Open and US Nationals. She has appeared on TV and made a YouTube video with the soccer team, the NY Cosmos. Estee does not play tournaments on Shabbos or Yom Tov and has been dubbed the "Sandy Koufax of Ping Pong". Ackerman hopes to try and make the 2020 Olympics.