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Daniel Tamir is former Israeli professional basketball player turned professional basketball coach turned Baal Teshuva, now living in Los Angeles. Tamir began his tenure as the Assistant Coach of the Yeshiva University Men's Basketball team in August of 2016. He also served as the Assistant Coach of the Frisch Boys Varsity Basketball team and Directed Basketball summer sleep-away programs in the past five years. Tamir established HAPOEL USA which combines basketball training, torah bites and Hebrew language for Jewish youth in Los Angeles. Daniel also established NCSY Jumpshot, the leading Torah and Basketball 5-week Sleepaway program in Israel.

Born and raised in Jerusalem, Daniel trained with world renown trainers and was coached in order to perfect his craft while becoming a professional Basketball player. Tamir spent 3 years in the Israeli army earning Exceptional Athlete Status, which enabled him to pursue his dreams as a professional ball player.
Tamir led his junior teams of the Hapoel Jerusalem Basketball Team and started his Professional career at the age of 18, playing for the professional Hapoel Men’s Basketball Team in 2009-10 and 2012-13 seasons, playing alongside numerous former and current NBA players. Daniel also represented Israel in the U16 and U18 national teams as the starting Center from 2005-2009. As well representing Israel in the Paris Nike Camp as one of the top European players.

A native of Jerusalem, Israel, Tamir works as a Financial Advisor for J.P. Morgan aside from his basketball endeavors. Prior to coaching at Yeshiva University, Tamir played seven years of professional basketball at the Division I level in Israel and Hungary. He directed basketball programs for youth since 2012 in Israel and the United States, gaining years of skill development experience with all ages.
Since his retirement, Tamir has dedicated his time to develop professional players and young athletes and developed a reputation as a sought-after motivational speaker, coach and mentor. He has coached more than 3,000 basketball players around the globe, from all backgrounds and has helped the continuous success of the programs he is involved in.

During the first historical winning season, bringing Yeshiva University their first championship in the history of the school, Tamir attempts to breed success also from a religious perspective, hosting pregame Torah learning called “Spirituality before Physicality.” Additionally, Daniel worked with the MAKOR program, developing healthy habits for special needs students at YU.

Daniel is joining our program once again, presenting his basketball and sports program, which is open to all ages. After developing players in all of the different levels and ages, Daniel and his amazing team which includes YU's current Assistant Coach Joe Schwartz and star Bigman Matan Zucker, will inspire, motivate and make your Pesach experience second to none. With intense training, competitions, games and seminars for the entire family we ensure a well-rounded program.

Our program includes tailored basketball training, strength and conditioning, as well as games and various competitions for everyone. As the younger kids will be inspired with both on and off the court training and life lessons, our adults will be able to enjoy their time while their children are maintaining a healthy routine, growing physically and spiritually throughout the holiday. Share your time playing with your kids in our afternoon games and see how they develop and flourish while enjoying a luxurious, relaxing vacation.


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