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INFANT DAYCARE: Led by experienced and professional caregivers, relax with the knowledge that your littlest ones, ages 3 months to 2 years old are being cared for in a safe and warm environment, with a high ratio of staff to children.
​DAY CAMP: Older children, ages 3-12, eager to get out into the beautiful Miami sunshine and play, will depart on a spectacular Passover adventure. Our dedicated and  exuberant staff of experienced young professionals, will provide hours of stimulating activities and entertainment, while prioritizing your child’s safety.
TEEN PROGRAM: Our teen program is expertly designed to provide fun, thought provoking, and stimulating activities to engage your young adult.
This year we are happy to recommend Nanny Poppinz.
Contact Roxana Rodriguez at 305-469-6740 or email and ask for the RAM discount.
GAME ROOM: We will have fully stocked games rooms available for enjoyment throughout Passover.
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Lev Stark grew up in Los Angeles attending the local day schools and camps in southern California.  His appetite for camp, kids programs and fun grew out of being the youngest of 4 siblings that were always engaged in the field. Lev’s passion is seeing the joy in the eyes of children when they experience something new and exciting.  He has been a magician member of the Hollywood Magic Castle and taught the art of illusion to children and young adults.  Magic is all about seeing the world from a different angle and he brings that twist of life to his programming.  He is also a juggler and has been known to juggle swords and torches. Currently, Lev is the Executive Director of Valley Torah High School and previously the Executive Director of Yavneh Hebrew Academy in Los Angeles. He has spent the last 8 years overseeing, developing and building four renowned summer camps.  Lev hires his camp teams with an eye out for people that exude joy, know how to have a good time, and can be solid role models for the children.   Safety and security is paramount in all of his programming.   Lev is committed to the well-being and development of children and consults schools around the US and Canada on new ways to connect to parents and children. Lev attended and graduated from Yeshiva University where he met and married his wife Amy.  Lev and Amy live in Los Angeles with their three sons, Michael, Ethan and JJ.

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